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Welcome to Tactical Training Concepts we are a professional organization that is committed to providing state-of-the-art training programs to the men and women that serve and protect our way of life in Security the Military and Law Enforcement. Our programs are conducted by seasoned, trained professionals and masters in their field. Our programs are diverse and complete. In addition to our standard curriculum, we have the capacity to design training programs to fit your needs. All of our instructors are members of Tactical Military and Law Enforcement Training Associations. There are only a few private training companies in the world that possess the experience, mindset, and qualifications to present effective training in the areas as we do. Tactical Training Concepts holds a prime position in this cadre. We consider our capabilities in certain areas of training to be "Close Hold" and therefore, we do not discuss them publicly. If you or your organization has a corporate, CT, or high risk security need, please feel free to contact us for a discreet and personal consultation. (877) 765-1428


TTC Training

TTC Training

"When you have nothing left to do then…train…train…train until there is nothing you can't do…"  (Richard F. Moreno)

Our Tactical Training and Consulting provides formal group training programs, lectures, and seminars to law enforcement, military, government, and security organizations.

NOTE: Some courses are restricted to law enforcement and/or military personnel only. Valid identification must be presented prior to enrollment. All of our formal training programs include, but are not limited to the following:

  • A Course Syllabus with description and learning objectives
  • Student handouts for each block of instruction
  • PowerPoint presentations for each classroom lecture
  • Certified Instructors who are industry experts
  • An on-site emergency medical responder
  • Leadership and team building skills
  • Extensive practical application exercises
  • An evaluation of skills and lessons learned
  • A graduation diploma upon successful completion of the course

Our training philosophy at TTC is to prepare our clients for the worst-case scenario by providing them with reality based, and verifiable training. Utilizing this approach, we have developed programs in which we use realistic training in order to replicate real world scenarios without compromising the safety of our clients and staff.

Our training programs are a balance of formal classroom instruction combined with practical application. In the classroom, skills are taught and discussed through lecture, demonstration and various audio-visual media. Skills are further developed through practical application in the training environment. Training programs can be structured and tailored to meet the time, budget, and training requirements of the host organization.

Our mobile training team travels to the client's location. TTC provides state-of-the-art training at a fraction of the cost it would take to send a group to a distant training facility. Training programs can range from one day to several weeks based on the training goals of the host agency. In addition to the hands-on training programs, we offer several lecture and PowerPoint presentations that are ideal for conferences and seminars. We will custom-design and implement a training program for agencies with special requirements.

TTC provides equipment evaluations and product reviews for law enforcement, military, government, and the private sector. We will conduct an in-depth review of equipment and provide a detailed written report of our results. In order for our services to remain current and relevant, TTC is on a constant quest to update training methodologies and develop curriculum as technologies improve.

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